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Home Staging FAQ's

Should every house be staged?

Yes!  Home Staging needs to be a part of every sale.  

How you decorate your home to live in and how you sell it are very different. The decorating choices you make for your home may suit your taste and lifestyle, but they may not suit those of potential buyers and may not show off your home’s best attributes.  When you make the decision to sell your home you must begin the process of detaching yourself from it.  Even the most beautiful home needs to be de-personalized, staged and professionally showcased.  Your home has only a few days to make a solid first impression on your potential buyers.  Staging ensures that your property will stand out against the competition and usually leads to top offers.  Once you decide to place your home on the market it becomes a commodity to be sold and the profit margin is up to you.

How long does it take to stage a home?

That depends on what needs to be done to make the house look its best. Some staging jobs can take one day to a few days. However, if there are rooms that require painting or repairs and renovations need to be made then it could take a few weeks depending on how quickly these upgrades can be completed.  The Home Staging Studio strives to always work within our clients' timeline requirements.

What is involved in home staging?

The Home Staging Studio begins the staging process with an in-depth consultation that provides you with a 

comprehensive and detailed  plan that may include suggestions on what changes or repairs should be made.  

Our consultation also includes any paint colour recommendations, space planning, furniture & art placement, 

decluttering & organizing solutions as well as room styling tips.  We also discuss timeline, budget, and 

priorities with you while providing you with the necessary resources to help you with your preparation.  Every 

consultation concludes with a complimentary quote for showcasing your property, either with your furniture or by incorporating some new rental pieces, and is customized to fit your budget and property needs.

Is staging effective?

YES!  Home Staging = Quick Sale, Top Dollar, and is the largest prevention for potential price reductions.

Research and Statistics show:

  • Staged homes on average experience a 3% minimum increase in final sales price, versus non-staged homes (Source:

  • 98% of the houses staged have sold over the asking price.  (Source: HGTV’s ‘Designed to Sell’)

  • Average number of days on the market for staged homes was 13.9 versus 30.0 for un-staged homes

  • Average difference in selling price over list price was 6.3% (Source: 2004 survey by Joy Valentine – Coldwell Banker Broker – based on 2772 homes in 8 cities)

  • 63% of buyers are willing to pay more money for a house that is move in ready

  • Men (41%) are more likely to place a premium on updated décor than women (30%) (Source: 2005 & 2006 Maritz Research Staging Polls)

  • 77% of people view homes first on the internet. Be sure that your home shows above the rest, by staging it first! (Source: 2005 National Association of Realtors® survey)

  • Sellers who spent $500 on staging recovered over 343% of the cost when they sold their home.  (Source:

Are people offended when you point out what is wrong with their homes?

Not at all.  We come into each project with an objective and professional approach with three goals in mind: 

Fast sale, top dollar and client satisfaction.  

How can I find time to carry out your suggestions?  I have a busy life.

Preparing a house for the real estate market is different for everyone. Some people love to be involved in the 

home staging process while others prefer to go on holiday during the work phase. You can have as little or as 

much involvement as you like. We understand that when you have a full schedule, the whole process can 

seem overwhelming. It is our mission to make the transition as seamless as possible for our clients. We take 

care of it so that you don’t have to!

What return can I expect on my investment in home Staging?

A quick sale, at top asking price with no price reductions is the best return for your staging dollars!

Staging your property is the best way to prevent price reductions which will start to happen quickly should 

your house linger on the market for more than three weeks.  This is called a stale listing and you don't want to be one.  The cost of staging is usually less than the first price reduction on an un-staged home and since your home is possibly your greatest investment we are certain that you want to maximize your profits by ensuring that it is in the best condition "before" putting it on the market. You may also want to consider the emotional toll of a house lingering on the market –the stress of your house not selling at all or eventually selling for less; and the strain of keeping your house in immaculate shape for multiple showings and Open Houses. The stress reduction alone can make Home Staging well worth it.

What if my house is already on the market but is not selling?

We are familiar with such cases and it’s not too late to call us for a consultation. The Home Staging Studio will help you organize a strategy to get your house sold quickly!

Should empty houses be staged?

Absolutely, it is hard for buyers to get a sense of the space without furniture in it. A vacant property is cold 

and uninviting and makes it difficult for your potential buyers to envision themselves living within those vacant walls. Without furniture and proper showcasing it may prove difficult for buyers to visualize room function and space planning. The focus instead tends to go to negative details such as odd-shaped rooms, lack of architectural detail, or inadequate size.  By professionally staging and showcasing your property, The Home Staging Studio will create a stunning first impression and connect your potential home buyers to a warm inviting home that they can easily imagine themselves living in while quickly moving your property from "For Sale to "Sold."